Positive emotions are an integral part of a perfectly balanced diet.

Positive emotions come not only from quality food but also from its aesthetic presentation, the joy of cooking and sharing with others. This is the “I love fish” philosophy. We provide you with more than the highest quality products, we also deliver the most enjoyable experience.

Because we love fish. Do you?


Snow Crab

For a modern person looking for healthier and more convenient solutions, we offer snow crab-flavoured surimi sticks. They contain some 54% surimi, making the flavour as soft as the real crab meat. We recommend choosing sticks instead of the usual snacks, adding them to salads, soups, sushi, or using them as an extra touch for pasta.

“Snow Crab” sticks from surimi, (54% surimi), 200g

Surimi Sticks

Enjoy great food slowly, with emotions... “I love fish” gives you the joy of wonderful flavour even on the busiest days. Surimi is a product with deep traditions that originated in Japan almost a thousand years ago. When the fast pace of your life drains you out and you no longer have time to cook, try the tastiest surimi sticks.

Crab flavored sticks from surimi (44% surimi), 150g

Crab flavored sticks from surimi (44% surimi), 300g

Surimi sticks with sauce

We believe that the sauces do not overshadow the flavour of the beloved surimi sticks. Instead, they make it shine. Carefully selected sauce components maintain a harmony that transforms fish products from an ordinary snack into the star of the party or picnic, or a nice addition to dinner. More flavour, more joy!

Sticks from surimi with cocktail mayonnaise sauce, 120g

Sticks from surimi with creamy curry sauce, 120g

Surimi shrimps

We suggest discovering new combinations of flavours and diversifying your favourite salad with surimi shrimps. The eye-catching “I love fish” surimi shrimps are ideal for salads, sandwiches, and any other dish with seafood. You can enjoy surimi shrimps for lunch at work or for family dinners. Using shrimps is very easy as they do not need to be heated or otherwise specially prepared. Eat them right away, straight from the package!

Surimi shrimps in garlic oil, 320g

Surimi shrimps in oil, 320g

Surimi shrimps in brine with spices, 320g


Queen Salmon

The breathtaking fjords formed by the glaciers for many years are the backbone of the Norwegian fishing industry. Fish farms are located away from maritime traffic areas, salmon are provided with space to swim in clean water, and care is taken to protect and preserve the environment and local resources. Our “I love Fish” salmon is prepared with great care - filleting removes all the “brown” meat, so you are left with the tastiest and most beautiful parts!

Lightly salted Atlantic salmon fillet, 100g

Cold smoked Atlantic salmon fillet, 100g

Wide range of flavours. Salmon fillet with spices

It’s no secret that salmon fillets contain the richest flavours, and the right spices just help them unfold. Flamboyant combinations of aromas delight even the fussiest gourmets, complimented with the proper preparation becomes a real delicacy ... Marinated, salted or cold-smoked - everyone will find something they love.

Lightly salted salmon fillet with cracked pepper mix, 100g

Cold smoked salmon fillet with pink pepper and acerola, 100g

Marinated Atlantic salmon fillet with dill tops, 100g

Organic salmon

Salmon farmers’ priority is the well-being of the fish, which is exactly what organic salmon are guaranteed. Fish population density in ponds is reduced so that 1% of the fish are in 99% of the water. These salmon have plenty of room to move around and cover almost the same distance in their lifetime as wild salmon. Only organic plant-based ingredients are used for salmon feed, and feed from other fish (salmon is a predatory fish) is only sourced from certified and sustainable fish farms. Organic salmon farming is strictly regulated and audited.

Cold smoked organic salmon fillet, 100g

Cold smoked organic salmon fillet, 160g

Wild Salmon

There it is, wild salmon. Bright red in colour, melting in the mouth, this fish contains a bouquet of useful substances. Healthier, tastier... It is simply impossible not to love this fish!

Cold smoked SOCKEYE salmon fillet, 100g

King Trout

Our pride is the Rainbow Trout, one of the most valued fish in the world, which will satisfy even the pickiest eater due to its mild taste. Rainbow trout is leaner than the salmon or tuna, but it contains not less essential Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as lots of protein and potassium.

Cold smoked Trout fillet, 100g