A modern and sustainable approach to fish products production.


PORT LITE is a new and bright lighthouse in the sea of fish flavours

We build bridges between past traditions and current technologies to restore a historic fish factory in the port of Liepaja in Latvia. We are also restoring the production of fish products. Impeccable flavour, modern sustainable practices, and responsibility to our customers are our standards, ready to be served to your table.

Are you looking for something healthier, lighter, and more mmm? Try it and fall in love with fish from the first bite!
Because we love fish... Do you?

History revolves

PORT LITE is located on the coast of Baltic Sea, in Liepaja, Latvia. We are the largest and most advanced fish processing company in the country, combining tradition and the latest technology with the sustainable mindset. We have revived archaic fishing complex, built back in 1892 and settled there, instead of building a brand-new factory.

We are proud of the fact that we are located next to historical, but still functional Liepaja lighthouse, that dates 1868. The lighthouse itself is a symbol of our values – credibility, individuality, and strength.

Inovative approach

It is clear that fish products processing methods used in the past no longer satisfy modern ecologically oriented societies. More companies are taking responsibility to ensure safe and environmentally friendly production process and PORT LITE is one of them. While using the most advanced seafood processing technologies and saving fresh water aim to provide the highest quality products in a sustainable way.

Solid experience

Although PORT LITE has been established recently, our team has already accumulated substantial amount of experience. The main investor of the company is a well-known Lithuanian businessman Sigitas Ambrazevičius who has more than 25 years of experience in seafood business. For the past 19 years, Sigitas has been working in private business. Sigitas is also an active public figure, engaged in philanthropic activities.

Sustainability is at the heart of PORT LITE's business. We believe that only by engaging in responsible production of fish products we can be a strong, modern and successful company.

Top Quality Products

Modern production processes, attention to detail, the freshest fish - all this allows us to bring products of the highest quality and impeccable taste to our customer’s table.

Feeling a great responsibility to our customers, we apply the highest requirements to our products, which meet global and European standards.

Our mission and Vision


Our Vision is to become market leader in fish industry, ensuring the production of the most delicious fish products according to the highest quality standards.


Our Mission is to return the joy of tasting fish products and create a special emotional connection with our customers.